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Scrambled eggs - recipe



A scrambled egg is a simple and basic egg dish. Scrambled eggs go very well in breakfast. It can be prepared within few minutes. Scrambled eggs are the most preferred dish for breakfast. It goes very well with bread toast. The scrambled egg sandwich is also be prepared by this recipe. Every busy person's favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs. The most commonly used breakfast is scrambled eggs, by following these steps you can make perfect scrambled eggs.

"This is only a fried egg formula I concocted after trying so many techniques. It's a delectable remix to fried eggs that don't require a lot of work! This formula is incredible in the event that you need an additional kick in your morning meal without going through hours setting it up.

  • Eggs
  • Black pepper (1-2 pinches)
  • Milk (5-6 tablespoon)
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt
  • Beat the eggs in an egg beater and add ingredients like black pepper, salt, and milk; again beat it properly until all the ingredients are mixed in it properly.
  • Add two-three tablespoon of oil in a pan and coat it properly, pour egg mixture into pan; cook and stir it(2-3 min) until eggs are properly set.


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