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Diet Nutribar

Ingredients :

  • Dry fruits (Your Choices)
  • Almond
  • Kaju
  • Seeds
  • Raisins
  • Nuts
  • Til

Method For Diet Nutribar :

  1. To make the Diet Nutribar take soak 10 dates in water for 2 hours
  2. Crush all dry fruits and nuts.
  3. Roast oats and make fine powder.
  4. Heat the pan put soaked dates again put some ghee in it. smash and mix well.
  5. Took off from heat put all dry ingredients in it. and mix well. then put oats and smash it.
  6. Take greece container with ghee and put all in it and refrigerate for 1 hours.
  7. Slice it and have it (eat in 2-3 days).

Diet Nutribar Recipe with Photo

Diet Nutribar
Diet Nutribar

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